| Farewell Roma |

Today is my last day in Rome… cue tears and “awee” sound effects. I have finished both finals & am just enjoying my last hours. My flight leaves at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. So I will be getting up around 4 a.m., cue the “awee” sound again because it is going to be a struggle. …


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| Capri |

On Saturday we took a ferry to the beautiful island of Capri. We went in the Blue Grotto cave. To get there you get on a boat and ride to the mouth of the cave. From there you get in a little paddle boat in groups of four, plus the man paddling. When you go … Continue reading | Capri |

| Mt. Vesuvius |

This weekend my friends and I took a weekend trip. We left on Friday morning around 7:00 a.m. and took a tram to the metro station, then we boarded Italy’s high speed train to Naples. After about an hour or so we arrived and walked a little ways to our Hostel… which was really great … Continue reading | Mt. Vesuvius |

| Villa d’Este |

Today we ventured to Tivoli to seeĀ Villa d’Este, a villa near Rome. It was one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen. I’m not going to say much about it. I just want to share some pictures and let you enjoy it too! I also want to point out, that since it … Continue reading | Villa d’Este |

| Hollywood on the Tiber |

Yesterday, I had the chance to visit Cinecitta Studios, Rome’s film studio. Which is commonly referred to as “Hollywood on the Tiber”. Here are a list of productions you may know that were shot there. The Passion of the Christ HBO’s series Rome. La Dolce Vita Zeffirelli’s Romeo & JulietĀ  Helen of Troy Episodes of … Continue reading | Hollywood on the Tiber |

| Monet & Tarzan |

Good Afternoon Everyone, This will just be a quick little post about my day today… maybe. I didn’t do anything too huge, but it has been one of my favorite days thus far, so naturally I’d thought I’d share! So for our art history class we were able to visit the National Gallery of Modern … Continue reading | Monet & Tarzan |